Friday, August 7, 2015

John Kasich Won The Debate

The day had started great after his surprise late entrance into the FOX debate, welcoming his fellow debate participants in his home state of Ohio, the birthground of the Republican party, with these words:
"I am glad to welcome my fellow debate participants to our great state" 
And it got even better, he won that debate!

Perfect timing, perfect location and perfect rhetorical balance. I wouldn't be surprised to see John Kasich take his candidacy all the way to the 2016 RNC in Cleveland Ohio. I hadn't noticed it till today, but John Kasich is actually THE candidate that has a potential of beating Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee, both in Iowa and New Hampsire. As others drop, he moves up(Clark Judge). He emerged as a top tier candidate. He made Ted Cruz look Effete (Camille Paglia). An undecided Republican said "John Kasich is crushing it tonight. He'll see a huge bump tomorrow." He was the 'big winner' (John Kraushaar, National Journal). But people are still figuring out why. The answer is actually quite simple. He was able to appeal in an authetic way to both moderates and compassionate conservatives at the same time. Which is a rare accomplishment. A surprise to everyone.

He has been compared to John Huntsman, but he is actually a much more viable candidate because of his authentic appeal to traditional Republicans. As NPR writes:
'His parents became more conservative and eventually joined an Episcopal church. Then, in 1987, they were killed by a drunken driver while pulling out of Burger King after a coffee run. That accident spurred Kasich on his faith journey, as he detailed in Every Other Monday. He described how he had gathered a Bible study group that had been his rock for more than two decades. Kasich now attends an Anglican church.'

I disagree with William A. Galston of the Brookings Institute who writes:
'Overall, however, the debate did little to expand the appeal of the Republican brand. With the exception of Bush’s advocacy of immigration reform, the candidates offered little that would make their party more palatable to the portions of the electorate—especially women, young adults, and minorities—where they have struggled in recent presidential elections.'
Exactedly on those core issues John Kasich succeeded in linking them to his convictions in a convincing way. As several observers noted:
Rob Frost, Chairman of  the Cuyahoga County Republican Party (Cleveland) said this (audio) after the debate:
"John Kasich showed tonight that he is the strongest conservative with the broadest appeal and that he is ready to lead the United States."
Ed Lee, senior director of debate in the Barkley Forum Center for Debate Education at Emory University, wrote on the CNN website:
"I expect Kasich's poll numbers to skyrocket after this performance."
His performance suggests he could be a serious alternative to Jeb Bush.(Linda Killian WSJ) Forget Trump: John Kasich is the real dark horse Jeb Bush should be worried about(Josh Voorhees, Slate July 10th),  and Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig(New Republic) made an accurate prediction when she wrote: John Kasich’s Compassionate Christianity Could Raise Hell in the GOP Primary(july 21st).  "John Kasich seems to understand why he is running and how it fits within the Republican consensus"(Henry Olsen, National Review June 23). When he dropped out of the primaries in 1999 he himself said "Iowa and New Hampshire haven't seen the last of John Kasich"

He was right!