Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Are Rwanda And Congo Fighting?

Yesterday Martin Kobler called for 'restoration of calm on the border between the DRC and Rwanda'. In reaction to the @Monusco tweet Sheikh Habimana Saleh, 'head of political parties, nongovernmental organizations, and faith-based organizations for the Rwanda Governance Board', tweeted:

SheikhHABIMANA Saleh @SheikhSalehh 22h
very simple engage the hall world against FDLR the same style used against M23,

When asked, Sheikh Habimana Saleh refused to clarify the meaning of this statement. See below:

I replied:

in other words: Rwanda attacks Congo because it disagrees with 's approach


in your view , 's approach against M23 was just because of the Language


so you agree with my interpretation of your words


, l wish you know where BUSASAMANA is then you interpret, sorry

you don't want to confirm or deny my interpretation. Trademark of dishonesty

interpretation with hate or ignorance is indeed trademark of dishonest

as long as you don't clarify your statement my interpretation remains entirely plausible

follow our Hon Minister for clarification, the State of Law&Order

Note that he did not contradict my interpretation but claimed instead that I was ignorant (not knowing where BUSASAMANA is, implying the problem at the border started with Congo entering Rwandan territory) and hatred (implying I have sympathy for FDLR).

Today's account in JeuneAfrique of what happened does not exclude my interpretation. Note that these incidents take place at a crucial phase of the FDLR surrender process. This process gives FDLR the option to lay down their arms. Something that was proposed to m23 as well. If FDLR decides to not surrender, it will be rooted out.  In both cases military action is the ultimate solution.

Why is the RPF unwilling or unable to defend the solution to the FDLR problem? Is it a smart strategy or just a sign of weakness?

The former(?) Mufti quoted above was also involed in the ouster by the Rwandan Governance Board(!!) of the head of the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda.

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