Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grace Restores Nature

Bavinck's statement on the equality of man and woman in book four of the Reformed Dogmatics, ''so that life in the household & extended family is restored to honor, the woman again viewed as the equal of the man', is a beautiful illustration of Bavinck's interpretative key 'grace restores nature'.

It gives insight into how Kuyper and Bavinck's organicism undermines both Scottish common sense realism and German idealism by providing a bridge between the two.

Neocalvinism isn't so much a third way between capitalism and socialism, but a third way between realism and idealism. As with Jonathan Edwards and John Witherspoon, the focus on redemptive-history is at the heart of this approach. Redemptive-history also provides the key to Bavinck's epistemology and Bavinck's organicism.

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