Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Victoire Ingabire on her opposition to the Singapore development model for Rwanda

Last week, as it was widely reported that the Congolese army was close to defeating Rwanda's M23 in eastern Congo's Kivu Provinces,global elite spokesman John Prendergast stepped up to tell the world, on the CNN websites, that the use of Rwanda as an African Singapore, a corporate gateway to the resource riches of the DRC, will bring peace and prosperity to both countries. This is what Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, who has now been in prison in Rwanda for three years, told Womens International News Gathering Service (WINGS) about why she opposes the Singapore development model.

 "The rural population in Rwanda has been neglected for the last 16 years and, instead of the Singapore model of development, which gives the lion’s share to a tiny, urban privileged elite, I would invest in agriculture, I would invest in rural roads and health network, I would review the land management and I would give priority to the subsistence food crop, rather than cash crops which benefit mostly to traders from urban areas. For example, ask people to cultivate only maize – if you ask them to cultivate only maize for export – but what they will eat? This is why I will give priority to enough food to my people."

Friday, November 1, 2013

What Norm Ornstein Ignores

Modern day conservatives tend to ignore half of the 'Whig equasion', an example once again in an interview with Norm Ornstein:
'You wrote recently that congressional Republicans are not conservatives, they are radicals. How do you tell the difference? Is there some dividing line?

I think you’ve got several characteristics here that matter. One is conservatives tend to conserve, they are respectful of institutions and traditions. Radicals just aren’t conserved about those things. You can have very strong views about something but still respect the way the House of Representatives, the three branches of government, the constitutional structure was set up to work. And that involved at its essence, debate and deliberation and finding common ground and compromise.'
A similar focus on institutions in a speech by Dutch MP 'Cabinet Protect Our Institutions Better'. It's the grassroots conservatism that keeps getting ignored. It seems to me that without that, you don't really stand in the 'Common Sense' tradition. People aren't there for the institutions.