Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Geerhardus Voses Democratization of Theology

James Dennison argues that Geerhardus Voses inaugural adress is dominated by the supernatural character of revelation. But it also seems dominated by two other important aspects of Presbyterian covenant theology: democratization and mission.

Both aspects are clearly visible in Jonathan Edwards & Samuel Davies sermons and work during the great awakening. Geerhardus Voses Biblical theology becomes incomprehensible without this context. Inerrancy debate can become very abstract outside of this framework.

An comment  that links biblical theology to the early years of Princeton (and Jonathan Edwards):

'Why not just follow the tried and true Historic/Redemptive (Covenantal) out line, sometimes called Biblical Theology? It is a staple for reformed churches and has been for many years. Early proponents were Jonathan Edwards and Geerhardus Vos. More recent is James Dennison and Michael Horton. I am personally not enthralled with this type of study but I do see the value. BTW the preaching style from this is called Christocentric and is the predominate style in the PCA and OPC.

But then again, it is reformed and Calvinist so often discounted and ignored as not relevant. Besides, we don't have any really cool graphics, or picture books, or charts or power points. Just the Bible and Christ.'

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