Monday, March 4, 2013

This Congolese Sister Made My Day

This Congolese sister made my day, on Sunday, 03.03.2013, when she sent me a note that said, "I saw what you wrote about that iniquitious peace treaty that Kabila and his gang men signed in Addis Abeba last Sunday. I want to let you know that some of my compatriots and myself told Ban Ki-Moon what we think about this treaty. We intervened in a peace conference he was giving on the 1st of March here in Geneva. Here you get a one-minute intervention before I was kicked out. My friends remained a little bit more but I did not have the chance to record them. This is to tell people out there that we are fighting and that we are not ready to stop as long as we do not see any change, should it last another 20 years."


Ban-Ki-Moon: ". . . blah blah blah . . .  as for the guarantors of peace . . ."

The Congolese Sister: But what about people of the Congo, please? What about people of the Congo?  You don't say anything about that. There's been killed 8 million people and you're making fictitious peace, and you're telling us that this is peace, when aggressors are not named. Rwanda has been known . . . has . . . is responsible of what is going wrong in the peace, in Congo, and nobody says something about that. Burundi, Uganda, you just say that! We are sick and tired of hearing every time people here just being so peaceful with AFRICA! You should let AFRICA in PEACE.

(The gendarmes are called in French, and the Sister gets thrown out.)

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