Friday, March 22, 2013

Apologetics & Citizenship (Re)defined

From the abridged edition of the opening section of William Dennison's course "Christian Apologetics" at Northwest Theological Seminary in Lynnwood, Washington:
'Paul's appeal to his Roman citizenship is not an appeal to a two kingdoms doctrine for the sake of his ministry and the church; rather, Paul's appeal to that citizenship is only to undermine it for the purpose of serving his sole, real, and final citizenship in faith-union with his Savior who now sits at the right hand of his heavenly Father.'
The essay reminds me of my blogpost Missionary Citizenship (Re)defined when he writes:
'There is no boasting in an earthly domain; there is only boasting in Christ'
(let's also read Nelson D. Kloosterman's review of Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms  A lecture I would have wanted to read Dr. William Dennison on Natural Law  and this article
also this Two Age Apologetics

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