Sunday, March 17, 2013

Apologetics & Antithesis

In one of my older blogposts I came to the conclusion that Geerhardus Vos aimed in his biblical theology to combine the pragmatic emphasis on apologetics (for which old Princeton is known) with Kuyper's antithesis (explained in Kuyper's speech Maranatha ). The link between Geerhardus Vos' biblical theology and Cornelis van Til's apologetics is confirmed by William Dennison. Now add to this Jerram Barrs who writes:
'In Vos’ foundational work there is a statement which sums up so much of the way Schaeffer studied the Scriptures. Vos writes that biblical theology is “the study of the actual self-disclosures of God in time and space.'
Which makes it all the more important how we understand Geerhardus Vos' contribution to hermeneutics.
  In this video series Brian Mattson illustrates how Francis Schaeffer's apologetics works.

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