Saturday, February 23, 2013

James Inhofe Marginalising Himself & His Agenda

On thursday 15 Republican Senators tell Obama to withdraw Chuck Hagel's nomination. The Same day Republican Senator James Inhofe writes a letter claiming
'I know the Senate has traditionally deferred to the President on Cabinet nominations. However, our nation is at war.'
The White House did not react to James Inhofe's letter (at least I didn't see anything), but reacted to the letter by the 15:
"This waste of time is not just meaningless political posturing—because we firmly believe that Sen. Hagel will be confirmed—but the waste of time is of consequence,"
However, on friday Senator Bob Corker, Ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said this:
"I am leaning against supporting him. I'm not planning to filibuster him; I think we should have an up-or-down vote on him. But I am leaning against supporting him at this point, and I'll make the decision next week."
A polite rejection of James Inhofe's lobbying. The 15 Sentors that signed the letter are:
'Rubio and Cornyn, Republican Sens. James Inhofe, Lindsey Graham, Roger Wicker, David Vitter, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, Dan Coats, Ron Johnson, James Risch, John Barrasso, Tom Coburn and Tim Scott'
Note that Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Pat Toomey are on that list, but that Rand Paul is not. Ross Douthat wrote in 2011 in his excellent blogpost 'Rand and Rubio':
'Among conservatism’s foreign policy elite, Rubio’s worldview commands more support. But in the grass roots, it’s a different story.'
How things have changed since.

Additional information on how this is moving forward can be found in this excellent article, which adds:
'Republican leader Bob Dole, a decorated World War II veteran, issued a statement Thursday saying, "Hagel's wisdom and courage make him uniquely qualified to be secretary of defense and lead the men and women of our armed forces. Chuck Hagel will be an exceptional leader at an important time.'
Politico added this sunday 'Chuck Hagel appears poised to finally put his bruising confirmation battle behind him this week'

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