Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Rwanda Day Was Organized In Boston

Retrial in the case against Beatrice Munyenyezi was supposed to start september 10 2012 in Manchester Massachusetts (it didn't). The Rwandan Patriotic Front organized a PR campaign in Massachusetts in september 2012. Paul Kagame visited MIT september 20th & the Rwanda day was organized september 23d.

Consolee Nishimwe wrote a book on the Rwandan genocide, which came out in june 2012, and was used as a PR tool for the ruling regime in Rwanda since. Through PR web the promotional press release was distrubited beginning of september. September 11th the RPF website published an article promoting her book. Consolee Nishimwe attended the RPF event in Boston where she met Louise Mushikiwabo. This week the book is being promoted on Huffington post by Barbara Becker.

Beatrice Munyenyezi's arrest, one day after the assassination of journalist Rugambage in Rwanda, points to a propaganda campaign by the regime that aims to discredit opponents of the regime in the west. The Kobagaya case illustrated how the regime used false accusations to set the stage for Kagame's visits to the US leading up to the 2010 rigged elections. A Kobagaya conviction was supposed to have set the stage for a similar pro-RPF event in Chicago in 2011. Consolee Nishimwe's book is obviously serving the same purpose. This propaganda campaign is coordinated with Friends of Rwanda which is led by the wife of Alexandre Kimenyi.

By organizing the conference in Boston during an ongoing genocide trial in Massachusetts the Rwandan Patriotic Front wanted to use this to it's advantage.

The trial was however rescheduled to a later date.


Anonymous said...

How can Kimenyi wife campaign for the RPF? All well informed sources point to the fact that, Kimenyi must have been poisoned by an RPF operative. Kimenyi was among the first victims of RPF poisoning campaign against party critics. RPF fanatics, beware!!!

Vincent Harris said...

I'm sure RPF loves encouraging the dissemination of conspiracy theories. Facts is, Kimenyi did a great PR job for the revolutionary, anti-democratic RPF.