Friday, October 5, 2012

Is James Butare Just Making Peace in Rwanda?

Rwandan James Butare is Professor of Applied Linguistics at William Carey (Christian) International University. In 2010 he edited the book International Development from a kingdom perspective and in that book he wrote the article Discovering and Adressing the root Causes of Genocide in Rwanda. In January 2012 in a lecture presented at the “Peacemaking in Africa” conference he claimed:
'Most observers would agree that Rwanda is in fact emerging as an example of a country where all the just peacemaking practices are thriving'
This is false. A few weeks before this statement US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, had criticized the regime in Kigali saying:
"Social progress has been substantial. Yet, the political culture in Rwanda remains comparatively closed"
This (under)statement reflects the emerging consensus concerning the nature of Paul Kagame's regime.

In the context of rigged elections, crushed opposition, multiple assassination (attempts) at home and abroad, sustained support for rebel insurgencies in the DRC, the statement by James Butare, a Rwandan who has written on the Rwandan genocide and who no doubt closely follows developments in his country of origin, amounts to intentional misinformation. It reminds me of the Anglican bishops Kollini and Rucyana that are directly involved in the organisation of the Congolese rebel group M23.

James Butare is pushing for a project in Kampala as well.

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