Sunday, October 7, 2012

Episcopal Church Steamboat Springs Invites Congo Insurgency Organiser Rucyahana

Steamboat Springs Colorado is a small town of approximately 12000 inhabitants and an international reknown skiresort in the Rocky Mountains. The history of the Episcopalian church in Steamboat Springs dates back to the end of the nineteenth century:
'As far back as 1889 a bishop would arrive either on horseback or by wagon to hold episcopalian church services.'
October 14th John Rucyahana,a bishop from Rwanda, is scheduled to arrive in Steamboat Springs for a 'talk', on the website of St.Paul's Church in Steamboat Springs we read:
'The Bishop will speak at 2:00 PM in the Sancrutary...Over the past five years, the Global Livingston Institute has developed a close relationship with the Bishop and Sonrise Academy, a school he founded'
John Rucyahana is one of the ideological pillars of Rwanda's ruling RPF and is president of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission of Rwanda. To achieve unity and reconciliation John Rucyahana, as one of the leaders,  has set up 84 Ingando indoctrination camps in Rwanda's 30 districts. Every year 40.000 highschool students are forced to:
'memorize the RPF's narrative and are also taught how to shoot guns. In the history lessons delivered by military instructors, everything that went wrong in Rwanda is blamed on the colonialists and members of the past Hutu regime. There is no mention of RPF's crimes both in Rwanda and the DRC'
Bishop John Rucyahana was recently mentioned in a UN Group Of Experts report as one of the main organisers of the M23 rebel insurgency in Congo:
'Another similar M23 meeting with Rwandan authorities took place on 26 May 2012 in Ruhengeri, Rwanda, at Hotel Ishema. According to intelligence sources and to politicians with close ties to Kigali, the RDF organized the meeting for CNDP politicians, which was chaired by Bishops John Rucyahana and Coline, both senior RPF party leaders. The aim of the meeting was to convey the message that the Rwandan Government supports M23 politically and militarily. All Rwandophone politicians and officers were instructed to join M23, or otherwise leave the Kivus. In particular, CNDP politicians have been asked to resign from the North Kivu Governorate and to withdraw from the Presidential Majority.”
After this UN report came out Bishop John Rucyahana published an article 'I saw a vision' in Rwanda's New Times  (propaganda newspaper of ruling RPF) and claimed:
'Africa’s leaders should wake up and shake off the colonial imposition bequeathed on her by the Western world and learn to work and fight for African dignity and restoration.

The African Union should endeavor to correct all mistakes done on Africa with all the energy within its power and ability. Those damages which are thought to be beyond repair can be redeemed productively. For example, the problem of Congo is uncalled for, and D.R. Congo alone has the duty to put an end to the strife. If the Congolese do not recognise the people in Eastern Congo as their fellow Congolese, the African Union should give them the option for a referendum to choose where they should belong.Finally, the African Union should redeem its dignity and shape Africa’s destiny and stop being manipulated and exploited by her former colonial exploiters. In conclusion, Africa should condemn very strongly and reject the European effort to re-colonize Africa by use of International Courts and other means being used to threaten the Sovereignty of African leadership.'
The article has since been removed from the New Times website to hide this man's words to his Anglican friends in the US and the UK. It's clear from these words that bishop John Rucyahana is aiming to breakup the Congo.

Last week Paul Kagame, instead of condemning the M23 insurgency as requested by Johnnie Carson and others in the international community, made a similar case for the support of M23's ongoing operation of murder and rape in Kivu. Full speech can be found here.

Episcopaleans in Steamboat Springs should film their meeting with John Rucyahana and ask him to strongly condemn the M23 insurgency. To condemn the forced recruitment campaign by the RPF inside Rwanda as well as the execution of M23 deserters (HRW). To unequivocally condemn, on camera!, RPF crimes committed in the DRC as described in the mapping report and the assassination of political opponents at home and abroad.

The episcopal church in Steamboat Springs has the unique opportunity to take this guy by surprise and make him reveal his real revolutionary goals. It's time to unmask this imposter.

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