Thursday, October 18, 2012

A life sentence for Rwanda's imprisoned opposition leader, Victoire Ingabire?

Imprisoned Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, in the Kigali courtroom
that she eventually chose to boycott, saying that she could not get a fair trial in Rwanda.

Just over two years ago, on Oct. 14, 2010, Rwandan police arrested and imprisoned Victoire Ingabire. She’s appeared only in Rwandan courts, in the pink gown and shaved head of Rwandan prisoners ever since.  On Friday, Oct. 19, she may be sentenced to life, for challenging the official history of the Rwanda Genocide, which is legally codified in Rwanda.  

The official history of the genocide is also Rwandan General Paul Kagame's justification for 18 years of military aggression and plunder in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He always says  that he is going in after those who committed the genocide in Rwanda. even after six million people have died.

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IHStewart said...

What gets under my skin is the way this is being justified. Many nations have legislation attemting to stop " hate speech " and Ingabire on the published comments I have seen wouldn't even approach the threashold of those laws.

Why on earth are rewarding this regime with the baubles of respectability such as Security Council seats, membership in the Commonwealth etc.