Friday, September 7, 2012

Yoweri Museveni's 'Ideology' In A Few Tweets

Last year Ugandan blogger and journalist Angelo Izama presented the project Re-Engineering Journalism which stated goal is to 'enhance effective cooperation in the Great Lakes Region of Africa'. Today he writes on twitter:
Secessionist pressures in #Africa from Mali to the Kivus to Somalia and now Kenya moot a revision of colonial era maps. Why resist? #Uganda
African nationalism is questionable ab initio since nationalism was based on colonial precedent. What is #Uganda except HM former property?
These nationalists and patriots kept colonial era institutions & boundaries but say they are #African? #Zuma joins the circus in Marikana
 What #Africa needs today is a new "social" framework of "patriotism" not based on arbitrary borders or certainly not "national identity".
Voilà the summary of Yoweri Museveni's 'ideology' in a few tweets.


Ann Garrison said...

!) These are his Tweets?

2) What would HM be?

Vincent Harris said...

These are Angelo Izama's tweets. HM is his majesty the queen of England.