Sunday, August 26, 2012

Michael Gerson making case for Compassionate Conservatism

In my last blogpost I briefly mentioned Michael Gerson as one of the policy makers who pushed Dooyeweerd's version of sphere sovereignty into mainstream US politics.

Michael Gerson, former ghostwriter for Charles Colson and speechwriter for President George W. Bush, went to highschool at Westminster Academy in St Louis. A highschool founded by covenant seminary Professor Dr. Knight III who studied at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Michael Gerson is today a policy fellow with the ONE campaign. He lays out his case for compassionate conservatism in this recent video (below). He mentions Rwanda, Ethiopia & Bono (the downside of the Bono sjibboleth was discussed by Shanda Tonme years ago) and points to David Cameron as an example. This compassionate conservative, Dooyeweerd-inspired, version of Christian politics has it's followers in the Netherlands (dominating both CDA & ChristenUnie), the UK and the US (Tony Blair & David Cameron).

In january he used the situation in eastern Congo to fight Ron Paul's views inside the Repubiclican party.

During the 2008 US elections the ONE campaign led a bipartisan group of politicians to Rwanda.
The interview during that trip with Tom Daschle illustrates how Paul Kagame was viewed through Michael Gerson's compassionate conservative glasses. Ron Paul's claim that big government Republicans are children of the French revolution obviously doesn't fit into this heroic conservative narrative. The ONE campaign has gone to great lengths in their support for Rwanda's current despotic leader.

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