Monday, August 13, 2012

Kigali's Hunger Games In Virunga Park

If we assume Rwanda's goal in Kivu isn't to break up the DRC, what would  be Rwanda's goal of sending recruits to Congo? As Jason Stearns says in this recent discussion on Aljazeera @ 12:30:

'it's not entirely clear why Rwanda is really taking on a very large risk in providing support to the M23'.
Reading the account Ibrahim Nszanzimana gave of his adventure in the Virunga park and AP's Michelle Faul's added comments it occured to me how much his story reminds me of the movie Hunger Games:
'When I woke up the next morning, we were in the volcano area in Congo," he said, brought to fight a war led by the Tutsi tribe that he considers a mortal enemy of his Hutu people. Terrified that he was going to be killed, Nsanzimana fled into the forest and wandered for days before he was captured three weeks ago by Congolese soldiers.'
Cruel games organized to entertain the ruling elite in Kigali with clowns like Laurent Nkunda and 'The Terminator' and to keep the masses in a perpetual state of fear. What would Kinshasa be without it's musicians? Analogically we could say 'What would Kigali be without it's rebels in eastern Congo?' If Kinshasa can export Werrason to Cabinda, why can't Kigali organize it's hunger games in Virunga park, Right?

The scene at Amahora Stadium, recounted by Ibrahim Nszanzimana,walks right out of the first scene of Hunger Games where the fighters are chosen.

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