Saturday, July 28, 2012

This Child-To-Parent Relationship Has To End

Louise Mushikiwabo, foreign affairs minister of Rwanda, said in an address to the Kenyan business club Mindspeak yesterday:
"This child-to-parent relationship has to end ... there has to be a minimum respect'' 
Interesting remark coming from a regime that sees it's own citizens as babies, as Senator Aloysia Inyumba, the former General Secretary of Rwandas National Unity and Reconciliation Commission and also a prominent RPF leader, made clear during the rigged 2010 Presidential elections:
“the ordinary citizens are like babies. They will need to be completely educated before we can talk about democracy”.
Apparently oldschool revolutionary rhetoric is all the regimes in Kigali and Kampala and their propaganda machines have to offer in response to solid evidence of their sustained destabilisation efforts in eastern Congo. Facts are stubborn things, as State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said yesterday:
'the United States also has its own evidence of Rwandan involvement in the upheavals, but believed the UN report was "quite comprehensive and quite concerning.'
Who are the journalists in Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda fighting this oldschool revolutionary narrative? That's the central issue here. The East African Community needs a Donald Tusk type politician that ends these nostalgic tendencies.


Ann Garrison said...
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Ann Garrison said...

An appropriation of the old school narrative. Whatever works, whatever rhetoric Louise Mushikiwabo can use to put up a righteous pretense.

And in a way she's also right. It's not pleasant to see the Western donor nations constantly bribing African officials to do what they want with the promise or threat of withholding foreign aid.

Vincent Harris said...
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Vincent Harris said...

Museveni summarized his ideology in four words: patriotism, nationalism, Africanism and democracy. The visit by Clinton might have triggered his claim he is trying hard to find a suitable successor within his own party who 'his ideology'.

The European/American donor diplomacy is still following the consistent 'good cop, bad cop' path assuming this will lead to a controlled transition.

Sofar African nations, including South Africa, with all their pan-african rhetoric haven't demonstrated much leadership on Kivu. As in Zimbabwe, the ANC seems affraid to contradict their comrades in the liberation struggle.