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Propaganda Wars Over Congo

Kambale Musavuli was interviewed on Al-Jazeera may 18th 2012 in which he gave his views on what the root cause of the conflict in Congo is:
'The root cause of the conflict has not been adressed....Bosco Ntaganda and the CNDP are proxy forces supported by ...specifically Rwanda. A regional solution will require three steps. One of them will be pressure on Rwanda. As in 2008, integration of Bosco Ntaganda was due to pressure by the international community, specifically Sweden and the Netherlands. The second step, there needs to be an inter-Rwandan dialogue. The issue in Congo comes from a political problem in Rwanda. The last one is mostly from the Congolese side. Having support of democratic institutions where the Congolese can adress a conflict as we see now.'
May 22 Matthew Russell Lee (Innercitypress) asked Roger Meece about Rwanda's support of M23 rebels in Congo. Roger Meece did not answer the question. However, an internal UN report accuses Rwanda of complicity in supplying weapons and soldiers to the M23 rebels in DR Congo as we learned may 28th on the BBC. MONUSCO's chief for Goma in Eastern Congo Hiroute Guebre-Sellassie told BBC on camera of defectors from M23 who say they were recruited to fight in the Rwandan army but in reality deployed in Congo to fight the FARDC. This include at least one child soldier.

Laura Seaye claimed on twitter may 30:
“People tell us to our faces that all Kinyarwanda speakers are enemies,” explains Wivine Furaha, 36, who fled ...Masisi with her 4 children. They tell us to go back to Rwanda. But we are Congolese. If our neighbors cannot accept that, how can there be peace?”
And adds:
'In that, Wivine Furaha sums up the problem in North Kivu.''

Linking to a may 29th article by Jon Rosen.

Can Kambale & Laura both be right?

May 31st Jonathan Mboyo Esole @JMEsole offered the following comment on this same article by Jon Rosen in a tweet that brings together both aspects:

Congolese Tutsi minorities are exploited by criminals claiming to have their best interest at heart.        

The false peace in North-Kivu since march 23 #m23 2009 ended when April 11, Kabila officially made Ntaganda a wanted man and may 6 M23 rebel mutinee was oficially created. Defections had allready started beginning of april.

Rwanda's 'New Times' reporter Edmund Kagire continues Kigali's typical 'have my cake and eat it too' strategy by voicing support for Bosco Ntaganda june 2:

'Defiant Gen. Ntaganda speaks on , says he is not bothered by and will not stop cause to protect his people'
The BBC report on the internal UN report prompted a reaction by UK MP Eric Joyce on twitter may 31th as well:

What's the point of being maniacally anti-Paul Kagame? It's the DRC president and others who are stealing the resources.

Been following you for ages! It's great stuff, on the whole. But the DRC probs lie first and foremost within the DRC, surely? e

Eric Joyce, who once thought his loyalty to Tony Blair concerning the Iraq war would win him a ministerial job, has ended up chairing the Party Parliamentary Group on the Great Lakes Region of Africa. 

November 18 2011 Eric Joyce published documents, discussed on Congo Siasa at the time, to support the above repeated accusation that 'the DRC president and others ....are stealing the resources'.

The accusations against Joseph Kabila are used, in these tweets by Eric Joyce, to justify UK's longstanding  consensus concerning great lakes politics and to deflect criticism from their regional 'good friend'. This obviously puts in doubt the value of the claims in this november 2011 report. Eric Joyce, who represents UK's all-to-familiar 'Tony' consensus on Rwanda, clearly doesn't agree with Kambale's definition of the root cause of Congo's conflict.

A similar tactic, pretending the regional dimension doesn't exist, has been used by Belgian foreign affairs minister Karel de Gucht, political friend of former Belgian prime-minister Verhofstadt, in june 2005 when he attacked Kabila as incompetent. Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson continued on the same path:
'Eastern Congo is both a tragedy and a lesson in political philosophy. Human beings need bread and justice and freedom. And all are made possible by orderly, responsible government.'
Kigali strategy to make another extra-parliamentary secret deal with Kabila would fit perfectly in the carefully crafted narrative of the 'incompetent weak stealing president' (Kabila) versus inspiring leadership' (Kagame). Rwanda's western backers/admirers/fanatics won't admit it, but would probably love this outcome.

In the meantime longtime staunch RPF supporter/fanatic Linda Melvern & Maria Malagardis continue their efforts in a losing fight concerning the 1994 terrorist attack on Habyarimana's Presidential aircraft.

Let's not jump the gun, as  Paul Quilès, former president of the commission that investigated the French role in Rwanda. emphasized in a june first interview. Over the weekend former Rwandan minister of Defense James Gasana (minister between july 1990 and july 1993) and two Belgian army officers dismissed the claims by Linda Melvern about FAR's posession of missiles in 1994.

James Gasana points out that the RPF had surface-to-air missiles and personel trained to use them. Which they did three times with success to take down an airplane and two helicopters of the Rwandan Army. On 7 october 1990 the RPF launched a surface-to-air missile SAM-7 which killed commander Ruterana and colonel Lt Havugimana. On october 23 1990 the RPF launched a surface-to-air missile SAM-7 which downed a helicopter in Nyakayaga. The captain Javan Tuyiringire burned to death. February 13 1993 the RPF launched a surface-to-air missile SAM-7 and took down a helicopter 'Ecure'.

Let's see if mainstream UK press will now do an article on Linda Melvern and ask her how and why she suddenly 'discovered' this supposed 'new fact'. Robert Kayinamura made a pertinent observation when he wrote june 1 2012:
 'This "chance" discovery could spell the end of Linda Melvern not just as a credible journalist but as a journalist, period (or militant journalist), and possibly the end of Maria Malagardis as well. Are these 2 women fully aware of what's at stake here? We're talking about an event - the terrorist shooting down of the presidential airplane on April 6, 1994 - where 2 presidents died and which touched off the killing of millions of people. The killing continues to this day. Could it be possible that Linda Melvern herself planted this document at the U.N. archives? Well, she will have some answering to do.'

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