Friday, April 13, 2012

Underground Network Of Genocide Participants In Europe And US

Rwanda's Minister of foreign affairs Louise Mushikiwabo tweeted to Kenneth Roth, executive director of human rights watch, yesterday:
Congolese been dying because of genocidaires you've been supporting in last 18 years, incl. those near you in NY!

Ur insensitive &arrogant posturing, &the timing of it will come back to haunt u&those u work 4 on

Louise Mushikiwabo offcourse refused to support arrest of Bosco Ntaganda while continuing to peddle the usual shallow propaganda against hutu's in general. It puts her previous fundraising for Genocide orphans, before she became minister of foreig affairs, in a troubling light. When exactedly did her PR efforts on behalf of the Kagame regime started.

The prosecutor John Capin in the case against Munyenyezi clearly fell for this storyline when he claimed last week that Munyenyezi was financially supported by some "underground network of genocide participants." He failed however to produce the evidence to backup his conspiracy theories. As the judge said:
 “the notion of a pot of money” Munyenyezi could access greatly influenced her decision in 2010 to keep her in custody. “That argument is not that strong now,” McCafferty said.
Ruoff said after court that he believed going into the hearing that Munyenyezi had a 30 percent chance of being released, and told her so. He said it’s rare for the defense to prevail when both the prosecution and probation are opposed to release."

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