Saturday, April 28, 2012

Charles Colson And Republican Populism

Charles Colson represents a particular brand of American populism that cynically panders/pandered in a relatively effective way to Presbyterian and Reformed Christians. Just listen to his speech at Calvin october 31 1998 in which he claims 'common grace' is a great idea by Kuyper. A simplistic claim that ignores the history of apologetics since J. Oliver Buswell and ignores the theological controversy surrounding Kuyper's common grace.

Olasky and Gerson's use Charles Colson in their pandering to evangelicals. The question is  off course wether Charles Colson is a real heir to Schaeffer, Buswell and Kuyper. I have serious doubts. The speech at Calvin confirms my doubts. He blended together quotes from Schaeffer and Kuyper and claims he is 'born-again' and suddenly the evangelical crowd sees a leader. But when you listen carefully you notice how the coherence in his statements is completely lacking. And that's evidence of his populism.

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