Monday, April 30, 2012

Bridging Conservative-Libertarian Divide

Nicholas Freiling wrote a valuable blogpost How are compassionate conservatives and libertarians different, and is there any hope for a union in 2012? in which he gave his take on a debate between libertarian Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of FreedomWorks, and self-described “compassionate conservative” Dr. Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief of WORLD Magazine at Grove city College.

Several weeks ago historian James Bratt gave his take on the role of Calvinism (in the US) and politics, historically consideredThe princeton tradition of John Witherspoon, James Madison and Charles Hodge is the closest to what Ron Paul is promoting.

Berkouwer's New-Evangelicals at Fuller Seminary, Dooyeweerd's Reformational philosophers and those pushing Abraham Kuyper's 'common grace'(which isn't really 'Kuyper' even to James Bratt) have in the last half century pushed for a more important role of government which culminated in Olasky's 'compassionate conservatism'. Charles Colson represented this socalled social-conservative strand among Republicans. This explains why both Michael Gerson and Marvin Olasky used Charles Colson in their recent propaganda articles to keep this 'compassionate conservative' voting block together.

The debate Buswell-Dooyeweerd is the center of tension in these debates. That's why Schaeffer is such an intriguing figure to me.
Recently on Dutch radio a discussion circled around the same theme of wether the government is able to 'love'. Based on my experience with the idealist free-univeristy school of Dooyeweerd I am inclined to reject it as an attempt to co-opt calvinism.

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