Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why Klaas Schilder Studied In Erlangen, Germany

Reverend R. Zijlstra, a colleague, loaned Klaas Schilder the money to undertake his doctoral studies. And, as John Knight records:
"Dr. V. Hepp, Bavinck's successor at the Free University, insisted that Schilder take his introductory course in dogmatics as the condition for pursuing his studies at the Free University. Schilder felt insulted and enrolled at the University of Erlangen in Germany"
Reverend R. Zijlstra was pastor in Rotterdam Delfshaven for 25 years.  Ds. R. Zijlstra (the same one I assume) had a son, D. A. Zijlstra, who was ordained by him in 1937 in Nij Beets. A. Zijlstra was in fact the first pastor of Nijbeets.  R. Zijlstra was pastor in the small village of Driesem 10-2-1903 tot 8-9-1907 where his son D.A. Zijlstra was born. R. Zijlstra then became pastor in Hoogeveen from 15-07-1907 to 26-04-1916.

R. Zijlstra was pastor of the Gereformeerde Kerk of Delfshaven from 1916 tot 1941. Emeritus in may 1941 as we can read. He figures in a book with pictures of Rotterdam Delfshaven at the new church building february 1924, which was destructed in 1974.

In 1911 R. Zijlstra was one of the founding editors together with Ds. Wielenga of Zwolle, of the  'Gereformeerd Kerkblad (voor Drenthe, Overijssel /en Flevoland)'

Later on Valentijn Hepp, together with Gerrit Cornelis Berkouwer, emerges as a major player in the game to get rid of Klaas Schilder. The schism in the reformed churches in August 1944 was followed by the destruction of manuscript of Hepp's dogmatics in september 1944, how ironic.

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