Sunday, March 18, 2012

Victoire Ingabire's mother, in pink, says her heart is in prison with her daughter

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burengero said...

I think rwanda authorities and rwandans in general should stop just serving the governmmet interests even when they are against the community interestss or againstfreedom of speech and human rights principles. Ingabire has never offended any Rwandan but has said what needed to be said, and she regretted the death of innocent rwandans Tutsis and Hutus. We should be courageous to support such tendencies instead of blindly following wrong masters! She is among the few political leaders with no impurities associated with their back history, so no one can charge her of genocide ideology. Challenging Kagame in the common interest and over general policy or national legislation issues should not be seen as a crime! Here is where rwanda people need to wake up or to be awakened! Let us join efforts to build rwanda and the world. We know that hiding the truth is bad, if revealing the death of hutus is a crime, then many will be charged of it. If saying that tutsis died innocently is a crime then many will be charged of it. If saying that Habyarimana (after signing the agreement seeking peace for his people) died as hero is a crime, then many will not survive the trial. If saying that kagame regime has exercerbated the suffering and the wounds of genocide survivors (by killing many and charging them of 'genocide ideology' e.g. Mushayidi whose entire family was slaughtered in Sake-kibungo area by extremist hutus) is a crime, then truth is an absolutely empty word in rwanda. If saying that Kagame is an anti-speech fredom leader is a crime, then we will all be charged of the crime. Let speak for the innocent, for Ingabire, for Mushayidi, for Col. Mudenge (suspected of anti-kagame political agenda -by jeolous minds-, just because he tried to respect the rules of his official duties), for Col. Rugigana (whose crime is just 'being a brother' to someone, for Ntakirutinka (who tried to defend his political convictions, ... , for the Rwandans in General! And I am sure we are able to do it. Very sure indeed. If many are still uncertain, no worry, those who are set to help people moving will be committed to the job untill others join and untill success is realised. We are there ready active.