Saturday, March 10, 2012

Venerande Uwitekazana: If You Would Not Love A Sister-In-Law, Who Would You Love?

Prosecutor Aloke Chakravarty who thinks of himself as someone who stands up for "the little guy" called Beatrice Munyenyezi in his closing arguments:
"an arrogant, powerful woman with a powerful family."
On the last day of the Beatrice Munyenyezi trial prosecuting prosecutor Aloke Chakravarty couldn't hide his frustration that four of Beatrice Munyenyezi's family members, two of which are tutsis, testified in her favor.
The most beautiful exchange in this trial came a day earlier when prosecutor Aloke Chakravarty asked one of these four witnesses, Misses Uwitekazana, who previously testified against her own son:
"Family is more important in Rwanda than ethnicity, yes? And Beatrice is your family, isn't she?"
Instead of answering directly, Misses Venerande Uwitekazana answered with the sentence that could well decide this case:
"If you would not love a sister-in-law, who would you love?"

Aloke Chakravarty must have felt really akward to have been put checkmate by Venerande Uwitekazana who instead asked him about his relationship to his family.

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