Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thomas Brian Anderson Expert On Rwanda?

Dan Tuhoy wrote an article on the Beatrice Munyenyezi case june 29 2010 in which we read how Thomas Brian Anderson, special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Boston, who apparently "flagged potential danger in his request for a warrant" claims:
"I have reason to believe, that people who were active participants in the Rwandan genocide were themselves Hutu extremists and that they have maintained an active diaspora throughout the world in hope of returning to Rwanda for the purpose of overthrowing the current government and re-instituting the policy of genocide. To complete the work of killing every last tutsi"
Sofar in the case against Beatrice Munyenyezi we have not seen any of the evidence this incompetent "special agent" claimed to have back in 2010. Who is this Thomas Brian Anderson "special agent with immigration and custom enforcement"?
The findings in the case sofar are sufficient to conclude that Thomas Brian Anderson was talking nonsense. Based on what did he made these allegations? Keith Harmon Snow wrote an article on this guy back in 2010.

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