Sunday, March 18, 2012

Loose Allegations Against Kobagaya, Munyenyezi & Basebya

As one of the very few bloggers who followed the traditional media coverage of both the Kobagaya and the Munyenyezi case in lockstep I can safely say that attorney Ruoff, who represented Munyenyezi, hit the nail on the head when he stated:
"We told her we beat substantial odds by hanging the jury, convictions are far more prevalent."
The article today by Maddie Hanna "Why Did Genocide Case Falter?" underlines this once again. In that article David Simon, a lecturerer in the genocide studies program at Yale University, makes two baseless statements:
"he thinks the Rwandan government is capable of pressuring witnesses overseas, although he believes allegations of that influence are exaggerated."
"even if the government isn't bribing or forcing witnesses - "the kind of things that people allege loosely a lot" - incentives exist for testifying against accused genocide participants"
I take issue with both statements in italics while they neither reflect traditional media coverage nor my own coverage of the Kobagaya, Munyenyezi and Basebya cases.
Coverage of both the Kobagaya and Munyenyezi case by traditional media was certainly not biased in favor of the accused! On the contrary I should add! I am pretty confident David Simon won't be able to point out one example in US press coverage of exageration of Kigali's influence or "loose allegations" to that effect in both trials. Instead media coverage was heavily stacked against both Kobagaya and Munyenyezi.

First, even though Kobagaya was completely acquitted of playing any role in the genocide whatsoever, Lynn Tuhoy wrote february 23 2012, at the start of the Munyenyezi trial (!), that the jury "locked on whether Kobagaya had played a role in the genocide". A false statement or "loose allegation" while:
 "Three jurors told The Associated Press after the verdict that they unanimously rejected allegation Kobagaya participated in the genocide"
Maddie Hanna writes today as if Kurt Kerns makes unverifiable claims concerning the outcome of the jury trial in the Kobagaya case:
"Kobagaya's attorney, Kurt Kerns of Wichita, said jurors told the Associated Press they didn't believe Kobagaya was involved in the genocide, despite witnesses who testified he forced Tutsis to march up a mountain to be killed."
Again, the FACTS are presented in a way that casts doubt on Lazare Kobagaya's involvement in the genocide.

Secondly, when investigating murder, detectives (and the journalists in their slipstream) allways search for a motive. Sofar mainstream media coverage of the Kobagaya, Munyenyezi and Basebya cases has ignored the role these cases played in shaping Kagame's path to election rigging in 2010. Not one article in mainstream media on any of these cases mentions this easily verifiable FACT (a fact that sets these cases apart from other genocide-related cases).

David Simon's claims that allegations against the current regime in Kigali of pressuring witnesses are "spread loosely around alot" or "exagerated" are not only incorrect, it's actually the other way around. In reality these allegations were mostly ignored or downplayed in coverage by mainstream media of these three cases and sofar I am the only source that has pointed to the role these cases played in shaping Kagame's path to election rigging in 2010. 


Anonymous said...

Imagine that Syria's Bashar was able to get other nations to send him the exiled dissidents... If he had that kind of opportunity like Kagame does, he would certainly be complaining about the justice in the other nations. Kagame is (worse than) Bashir but he still enjoys the backing of western nations. But other nations' citizenry know better. They know you can't just hand over a person to death without due process, and when they listen to the shenanigans coming from Rwanda, they produce an emphatic "no". Ngoga and his masters are the worst of mankind. They reached power through a sea of blood and they won't stop until any voice, no matter how weak, is still speaking against them out there. It's a shame that the western politicians still lend an ear to this tyranic regime. Luckily, these politicians cannot totally sidestep the justice system that their ancestors set up, which gives a chance to the innocent to receive justice. Bravo to the jurors in New Hampshire and Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Kagame is not only worse than bashir, but he is the most careful lier of all dictators. Unfotunately the US and the UK governments are still cheriching this cheap minded leader. The day americans and the english people will learn about it (i am sure this will hppen may be soon), thei governments will be in trouble to have sustained support to an anti-democratic ally. For those who do not know kagame is capable of bribing anybody even judges in international tribunals, even members of western governments like in the french govermment (with the predecessor of alain jupain), etc., but he also intimidates rwandans and witnesses (most of whom he just chooses himself). He kills rwandans outside rwanda! even in the UK and the world knows. He charges genocide survivors off genocide ideologists! and what do yu think he is not able to do? He confuses everyone purposefully. he stops true survivors from sayng anything!! did you know that? to testifying for what they saw? but he (kagame) plants his own witnesseswhere they are needed to recite what he pre-agrees with them to say!! We know wht we say and he will be discoverd by the world one day, and people will be surprised. Not pressuring alone, but kagame intimidates and assassinates people in and outside rwanda. He uses money and death to achieve his goals against whoever he targets, adn he of course exploits the protection he still enjoys from the US and the UK governments to blackmail the international opinion!! Even people like Kaddafi, saddam, who never attained the degree of brutality and cruelty of Kagame against their own people, were rendered demons and detroned while kagame is still receiving prizes from the world's most democratic powers. Someone always has to be sceptical with kagame games.