Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Is UNDP Helping Rwanda Build A Democratic Society?

We read on the website of UNDP Rwanda:
UNDP Programs in Rwanda support the work of the Government in finding and implementing solutions in the following two focus areas:
  • Building a democratic society
  • Fighting poverty and protecting the environment
UNDP Rwanda country director writes today how Rwanda is a lesson for others in fighting poverty:
  • one cow per family policy 
  •  annual poverty reduction rate of 2.4 percent could put Rwanda in the company of Asian Tiger
What programs, if any, does UNDP support which are focused on building a democratic society? Why don't we read anything about those programs?

The history of the American revolution teaches us that taxation and representation are linked. How is the upcoming taxreform in Rwanda discussed in the media? What are it's implications for Rwandan citizens? February 23d UDF-Inkingi released a document on embezzlement of public funds in 2009 and 2010. Maybe UDF-Inkingi should also discuss the upcoming taxreform, evaluate UNDP and IMF programs. Sofar the criticism of the Rwandan opposition has mostly been directed at the Rwandan government. It might be more effective to just quit discussing Rwanda's current regime and start discussing IMF and UNDP policies and public statements.

Most likely UNDP will portray the large number of women in the Rwandan parliament as a form of democratic development and claim they support it by making a video about it. I fail to see the connection.

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