Friday, March 16, 2012

Does Occampo Have A PR Team?

What was Occampo thinking yesterday when he claimed that the Lubango ruling "makes the world less primitive"? PR-wise it was one of the dumbest phrases I have heard in a long time. Those threatened by the Lubango ruling in east-Africa are pushing the narrative that the ICC is only prosecuting Africans. Even Occampo must be aware of that. PR firms and pr consultants working for Kigali, Kampala and the Occampo six should be thanking Occampo on their bare knees. He just made their life a little easier.
Just a little easier, I must add. In the meantime Tony Gambino linked Paul Kagame directly to Lubango's buddy Bosco Ntaganda which triggered immediate reaction by Kigali's pr team. At the same time the two pronged pr-strategy by Kigali is further weakened by the mistrial in the case against Munyenyezi in New Hamshire. 

In the end great lakes political and diplomatic dynamics is best summarized by the often quoted phrase:
Lokuta eyaka na ascenseur, kasi vérité eyei na escalier mpe ekomi - Koffi Olomide.
In the end PR can only get you sofar.


Ann Garrison said...

"Made the world less primitive" should win this week's asinine comments award.

Here's a video a Ugandan friend sent me about this verdict:

Vincent Harris said...

I have to confess you just taught me a new word. I like that!