Monday, February 27, 2012

Unified French-US Sub-Saharan Strategy

In 2006 we read:
"The Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Studies (GLCSS) believes the French and US military build-up may be part of a unified Sub-Saharan strategy. Both countries currently cooperate in Djibouti in a resource sharing arrangement. In the last two years, the United States has aided the French-backed Chad government in the fight against Algerian Salafist guerrillas operating in Chad."
Chad and Libya are also related argues Bernard Lugand in his "Libyan insurection anniversary blogpost". In his last post Africom watcher Roger Pociask asks the question "Why does Africom minimize contact with South Africa?" with a nice map. Also noteworthy, as posted by Rorger february 22, to fight the LRA Africom troops now in four countries.  Yesterday Johnnie Carson posted another LRA Africom story on his website, apparently he thinks it's great.

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