Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lazare Kobagaya Verdict Massacred By AP Writer

Today we read in a AP press release several (incorrect) statements concerning the outcome of the Lazare Kobagaya case:
"the jury deadlocked on whether he played a role in the genocide"
This statement is pure slander and Lazare Kobagaya's family should demand AP to try again and send out a new press release which makes clear that the jury rejected claims by the prosecution:
"Three jurors told The Associated Press after the verdict that they unanimously rejected allegation Kobagaya participated in the genocide"
Concerning the second count, yesterday's AP writer claims:
"Although the jury did convict 84-year-old Lazare Kobagaya of making false statements on immigration forms about dates and places he lived"
This is incorrect, as the three jurors told AP 's Roxanne Hegeman in August:
"They said they deadlocked 10-2 to convict on the count related to his immigration paperwork."
The jury would certainly have acquitted Lazare Kobagay on both counts if prosecution had not withheld essential information:
“Had this information been timely disclosed so that it could have been presented to the jury, we have no doubt the jury would have acquitted Mr. Kobagaya on both counts”.

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