Monday, February 13, 2012

ICG Senior Congo Analyst: Any Logic In US Foreign Policies?

Marc-André Lagrange, Senior Congo Analyst of the International Crisis Group in Brussels said this week:
"Quickly, I would like to share a feeling of non comprehension and astonishment about US policy in the Great Lakes. Somehow, I feel lost about what the US are trying to do in the Kivu. On one side we have Washington screaming that elections were flawed, non credible and must be, at least, recounted. On the other hand we have US diplomats shouting to who wants to hear it that they are 100% with DRC government to increase military cooperation to fight FDLR and other peace spoilers.

I mean, is there any logic in the US foreign policies?"
Those who still believe the US stands up for democracy in Africa should read Congressman Donald Payne, an African-American long seen as sympathetic to opponents of autocratic rule in Africa,  recent declaration:

 "the future of Congo is not with Tshisekedi. His time has come and passed."

Ever since Susan Rice claimed to stand up for democracy one week ahead of Congo's elections I have argued that this was pure tactics. The speech in Kigali was meant to create a smokescreen of supposed sincere support for democratic development in the great lakes region.

The liberation narrative pushed by Museveni and Zuma has essentially not been challenged by US foreign policy makers. Instead it has been integrated in the larger "war on terror" narrative. The question is off course who is taking who for a ride in Africa?

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