Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hugh Evans Flying Over My Blogging Niche

Wouldn't you sometimes wish you were the sparrow of psalm 84 who found a nest near His Altar? To find that small niche in blogging that is exactedly right for you in that big universe of world politics, Republican primaries, life near the Congo river or any other topic that passionates you.

But blogging is also a day to day following of what happens around you, in your blogging habitat. And today I noticed the feathers of a new bird flying by: Hugh Evans.

Hugh Evans is apparently also on board with the propaganda team of the current regime in Kigali. Maybe he should thank Phil Quin for the encouragement and inspiration for the idea?

His article makes the case Rwanda is the only country where aid works because "the political will exists". In other words, thanks to the (RPF) regime aid works in Rwanda.

As usual with such articles, it gets eagerly retweeted by @UNDP, by @joric_m (Jose Eric Maclangue KM Coordinator for UNDP) , by @JudithMadigan from Amsterdam "This story of Rwanda needs to be heard" ), @j_stratmann OneBrussels , @JoshRuxin).

Aid in Rwanda apparently only works when a RPF regime remains in power. Apparently people love to fall for such fairy tales.
And let's not forget these folks are doing PR for a regime responsable for multiple assassinations in the last couple of years, consistent intimidation of dissident journalists and members of the diaspora, false charges against members of the diaspora and the rigging of the 2010 elections by banning all opposition parties, killing the vice-president of the green party. None of that is off course mentioned by fly-by Hugh.

If the future of Africa, development aid or Rwanda depends on propaganda (or on a specific regime), aid specialists would be, to paraphrase Apostle Paul from 1. Corinthians 15 verse 17, "the most miserable people on earth".

The propaganda war against dissidents of the regime is continuing. People like Lazare Kobagaya and Victoire Ingabire deserve our moral support, our prayers and good blogposts. I confess I haven't lived up to expectations in excellence and quality. We should do more and better.

Let's hope and pray more great lakes specialists, especially the wittty, the smart and the connected will find a place in their hearts to write about real people and move above and beyond those utopian projects which we all cherish.

But even you, whomever you are, that small sparrow sitting on the threshold of the impressive great lakes blogging temple choir, can add your twittering distinctive voice!


Ann Garrison said...

Ha! I read that garbage article by Hugh Evans. Wondered whether anyone else did, or paid any attention to it. I think it's the kind of thing that gets written so it can get posted, etc.

Remember Racepoint's plan to target the Huffington post? "Racepoint singles out the Huffington Post as a particular online media target, together with “careful seeding across the blogosphere” to “initiate an offensive to control the organic search on Rwanda and set the agenda in print and broadcast.”

But, y'know what? My article "Obama requests immunity for Kagame re Rwanda Genocide and Congo Wars" has established enough status on the Web, in the "organic search," to become the 4th or 5th listing I see in Google for "Kagame."

Vincent Harris said...

Nothing has changed. Evans's article is obviously part of a propaganda script. What worries me is the fact that Rwandan diaspora organisations in Belgium and France continue to publish their press releases mostly in French. By now we all know articles should be written in english to influence anyone.