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Beatrice Munyenyezi's Trial In Proper Context

On tuesday April 12th 2010 Paul Kagame in a speech in the Rwandan parliament, called those officials (ex-army chiefs Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, Col. Patrick Karegeya) who fled the country:  “[the waste] being excreted, it means the country has sieved.” April 21 2010 Victoire Ingabire was arrested and presented to the prosecutor to let her know she was charged with genocide ideology, divisionism and collaboration with a terrorist group, the FDLR. Jared Cohen, member of Clinton's policy planning staff starts #rememberrwanda campaign on twitter on day of Victoire Ingabire's arrest. April 22 2010 Victoire Ingabire was placed under house arrest in Kigali.
April 25th 2010 in a speech in Rwanda's Parliament Paul Kagame stated he "would crush opponents like flies with a hammer,” which, was a direct threat to critics and dissidents abroad and at home.

April 27th 2010, a week after his #rememberrwanda campaign on twitter, Jared Cohen, member of Clinton's policy planning staff, met Paul Kagame in New York at the Tribeca festival. One day later, April 28th we could read in The New Times, Kagame's propaganda newspaper, the following headline "First Genocide Trial Underway in the U.S.". This first genocide trial, the case against Lazare Kobagaya, turned out (over a year later) to be part of Paul Kagame's propaganda campaign against critics. Lazare Kobagaya's name was cleared. Paul Kagame's regime had manipulated the US justice system for propaganda purposes.
Prosecutor John Capin in the case against Beatrice Munyenyezi claimed this week:
"the evidence would leave the jury with no doubt that Munyenyezi "acted enthusiastically" in the events of the genocide and lied about it to obtain citizenship."
Capin also claimed yesterday that Esperance Kayenge was a major witness.The first time Esperance Kayenge, the first witness, mentioned Munyenyezi's name was in March 2011 when questioned by US investigators. However, Esperance contradicted herself several times and reading Lynn Tuchy's report on Kayenge's testimony you can allmost hear the smacking sound. Not a testimony which justifies the above ridiculously "enthusiastic" statement by prosecutor Capin. So, based on what evidence was Beatrice Munyenyezi arrested in june 2010?

Defense attorney Howard focused most of his attention less on Kayenge and more on those who are serving life sentences for killing during the genocide and can have their sentences reduced to 20 years if they identify other participants: "Do the math, the genocide took place 17 years ago. Their motive to identify someone is they get out in just three more years".
June 25 2010 Munyenyezi was arrested:
"There were tons of cruisers, lots of unmarked cars lining the driveway," said neighbor Robin Leonard. "It was kind of crazy. They were banging on the door next door trying to get in."
The events surrounding Munyenyezi's arrest are in chronological order:
[Munyenyezi's arrest june 25 2010]
The day of the funeral of Andre Kagwa Rwisereka Paul Kagame makes the following statement:
"My job has not been to create an opposition, my job is to create the environment where legitimate things can happen."
That statement sums up Paul Kagame's election campaign. The timing of the events are clearly linked to a strategy of propaganda (false accusations abroad), intimidation (use assassinations to intimidate population ahead of polls) and justifying killings after the fact (by claiming the right to assassinate those branded terrorists). 

The central question in the Munyenyezi case is why she was arrested june 25 2010, a date that helped Paul Kagame divert attention from RPF assasinations of journalist Rugambage and failed assassination attempt on Nyamwasa in South Africa. What information triggered her arrest , when and how did the prosecutor get this information?

If Munyenyezi's defense can establish that Kigali triggered Munyenyezi's arrest around 24/25 june, it would directly link Paul Kagame to the murder of  Jean-Leonard Rugambage.

Refugee resettlement watch follows this trial as well.

@bradycarlson and @dgorensteinnhpr discussed the case on radio several days ago.

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