Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bavinck, Kuyper, Hoekema & Liberating Black Theology

Anthony Bradley, King's College Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, tweets today:
"Really wish there existed a celebrity pastor who got Bavinck, Kuyper, & Hoekema. Would make life easier for reaching blacks & Latinos."
Makes me curious as to what he writes in his book "Black and Tired & Liberating Black Theology." Personally I would add Dr. Klaas Schilder to that list. Anthony's blogpost Ghetto thugs and hoochies are the image of God, quoting Bavinck, might be a first trail to understanding his reasoning. The Bavinck quote:
"Not the man alone, not the man and woman together, but the whole of humanity is the fully developed image of God, his children, his offspring. The image of God is much too rich for it to be fully realized in a single human being, however richly gifted that individual may be. It can only be somewhat unfolded in its depth and riches in a humanity whose members exist both successively one after the other contemporaneously side by side...[H]umanity is the image and likeness of God. Belonging to that humanity is also its development, its history, its ever-expanding dominion over the earth, its progress in science and art, its subjugation of all creatures. (God and Creation, 577)"
Which Anthony Bradley translates as:
"If you have individualistic conception of the image of God you will be tempted to try to make God into your image and proceed with the retarded notion that a redeemed person is someone who embraces your cultural and social preferences "
Could this be the proverbial egg of Columbus in the eternal discussion on Kuyper's concept of common grace, Bavinck's embrace of modernism and  Schilder's avant-garde positions.
In this interview Bavinck is mentioned again and also a sermon by Pastor Nabors from Chattanooga which he recommends. For those who want to read Bavinck, a link to his reformed dogmatics (Dutch).
The title of one of his papers mentioned on Brian J. Auten's blog: “Puritanism: A Theological Tradition of Anti-Blackness, Racism and Social Injustice”.

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