Monday, January 30, 2012

Habyarimana Case Discussed On Many Blogs

Habyarimana case is still on the minds of many in the Rwandan blogosphere and others.

For those who want to read the Bruguière report on Habyarimana's assassination again.
Bernard Lugan on Habyarimana's assassination and the recent news concerning the export report, downoad it here, ordered by Trevidic.
Recent articles on Habyarimana's assassination and the new technical report by Victor Tobler in Slate  by Stephen Smith in Liberation, by Julie Owono on Aljazeera and by Francois Soudan in Jeune Afrique. Jambonews wrote an article about it on january 20th. 
In the meantime the RPF is stepping up it's propaganda assault against  blogger and perceived opponent Jean-Marie Ndagijimana 

PR efforts meticulously dissected by digitaldjeli surrounding the release of this technical report.

Filip Reyntjens, professeur à l'Université d'Anvers et auteur de Rwanda gave his views january 31.

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