Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dutch Christian Conservatives Dominated By Communitarianism

Hans Bleker, the former Chairman of Dutch Christian Democrats CDA, claimed in an interview with influential Dutch weekly Elsevier that:
"immigrants and their children are closely alied to Christian democrats because of their communitarian ideas and that the party should not propose or support cuts to the development aid budget"
Some, like @kustawbessems, see this as an attempt to become party leader by playing nice to the current party leadership that claims to want to pull the party to the left. It's amazing how Christian Democrats have the nerve to present communitarianism as an ideology that could attract immigrants to the party. As I have argued time and time again, communitarianism is responsable for the rise of xenophobic anti-immigration and anti-immigrant sentiments inside Dutch society. It's emphasis on judeo-christian values was aimed at co-opting anti-muslim sentiments. This strategy was the basis of Balkenende's electoral victories.

The Dooyeweerd school of philosophy plays an important part in shaping the ideological direction of Christian Democrats and their two parties inside the Netherlands: CDA & ChristenUnie. Professor Roel Kuiper is deeply involved in this school of thought and Senator for the ChristenUnie. Both on immigration and integration the Dooyeweerd school has aligned itself with communitarian prime-minister Jan-Peter Balkenende. The reaction to Obama quoting  Psalm 46 spoke volumes. Obama was obviously playing out his strategy to win over the communitarian vote when his press secretary wrote this 9/11 release:
"The President chose a scripture which he believed was most appropriate -- he believed it was particularly appropriate to use -- to read scripture this morning. And he chose a passage that talks of persevering through very difficult challenges and emerging from those challenges stronger."
Jan-Peter Balkenende quote on 9/11:
"Bitter experience has taught us how fundamental our values are and how great the mission they represent" 
In stark contrast to what Dutch Reformed Professor Ad de Bruijne wrote concerning 9/11:
"sign on the wall, which points to the reality that God's severe judgment over the western world is inevitable"
Just read the blog by Denny Burk, associate professor of biblical studies at Boyce College to understand that communitarianism has taken over the evangelical wing of the GOP.  To claim, as Denny Burk implies, that Abraham Kuyper would have been a compassionate conservative today is cynical.  However, Christian Democrat Hans Bleker took it to another level of cynism to claim communitarianism to be attractive to immigrants. Abraham Kuyper and his struggle for democratic development should be understood as an ideological answer to European conservatism, French revolution liberalism and communism, not a movement to impose "Christian values" on the rest of the population. Abraham Kuyper challenged both the conservative elite in his own party (and beyond) AND the disenfranchised reformed masses which created his path to victory in a a world dominated by easy solutions (communism, national-socialism).
On both sides of the Atlantic communitarians have virtually taken over the major parties, Democrats and Republicans in the US, social- and christian democratic parties in Europe.
Hostility towards big government was traditionally an important part of reformed Christian politics in the Netherlands. I could dig up examples of resistance against the US (after the second world war), the EU and communism. Will Senator Jim DeMint's vote against indefinete detention be the turning point away from this dead end street of communitarianism among Christian conservatives? Muslims like Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison's father and Muslim immigrants in the US are coalescing around Ron Paul precisely because he fights this narrative of foreign interventionism and judeo-christian superiority complex.
51% of hispanics's have a favorable opinion of Ron Paul against 25% of Mitt Romney. Muslims say Ron Paul is their kind of Republican. The reality behind those numbers hasn't yet fully sunk in with Christian conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic. It's a vote of no confidence against communitarian panderers like Marvin Olasky, D.C. Innes and Michael Gerson. Abraham Kuyper would turn in his grave if he knew communitarians claimed to be his heirs. Or as pastor baptist Voddie Baucham states: The President is not “Pastor in Chief.”

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