Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched

Media and establishment are allready busy counting their chickens while Ron Paul is surging to 20  +11 in South Carolina ( 29 -2 25 +1), some examples:

David Frum Let Ron Paul Speak at the Tampa Convention?

Ross Douthat The Silver Medalists

David Grant Why Ron Paul won't go rogue on the Republican Party

The latest attack line, since the thirteenth floor and the newsletters failed is the claim that Ron is actually running for Rand in 2016, if we should believe David Grant and Ross Douthat and many others, as George Bennet writes in The Ledger:
"Many politics watchers speculate Paul would not buck the GOP because he doesn't want to jeopardize the future prospects of his son, Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul."
I do agree that Rand Paul plays an important role in Ron Paul's campaign, but not in the selfish way suggested by these "many politics watchers". In an earlier excellent blogpost by Ross Douthat (june 2011) : Rand and Rubio, Ross contrasts Rand and Rubio on foreign policy which is central to Ron's campaign. One important fact in that blogpost is essential here:
A recent Pew poll found that the share of conservative Republicans agreeing that the U.S. should “pay less attention to problems overseas” has risen from 36 percent in 2004 to 55 percent today.
Ron Paul's surge in South Carolina is not accidental. This race is far from over!
Exclusive: Top S.C. Tea Party Senator Tom Davis To Endorse Paul . Allthough  Charles Krauthammer ends with the lame Rand Paul conspiracy theory (popping up everywhere), he does seem to look for a pragmatic solution:
The Republican convention could conceivably feature a major address by Paul calling for the abolition of the Fed, FEMA and the CIA; American withdrawal from everywhere; acquiescence to the Iranian bomb — and perhaps even Paul's opposition to a border fence lest it be used to keep Americans in. Not exactly the steady, measured, reassuring message a Republican convention might wish to convey. For libertarianism, however, it would be a historic moment: mainstream recognition at last.
America Smell The Coffee

Santorum Sexist Campaign in Iowa

Dick Armey joins Ron Paul on Foreign Policy

Jack Hunter discussing campaign with Judge Napolitano

Polling ignoring 29% black vote in South Carolina?

In a December survey from Public Policy Polling, 51% of Hispanics said they saw Paul in a favorable light, compared to 25% for Romney. Nevada has 26% Hispanics

DeWayne Wickham column: GOP candidate Ron Paul says 'true racism' exists in nation's judicial system

EPP is considering nominating Donald Tusk to be the next president of the European Commission !!!

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