Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dick Armey: More Military Spending Does Not Necessarily Make Us Safer

This week Dick Armey, who In his early years in Congress was influenced by Libertarian Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, came to the defense of Ron Paul:
 An unfortunate stigma still exists that those who propose reasonable military spending cuts do not support the troops. But that’s far from the truth.

No one wants to jeopardize our national security or purposely put our troops in harm’s way. The reality is that more military spending does not necessarily make us safer. A lot of items in the Department of Defense budget have nothing to do with defending our nation.
He has been critical of Christians and Big Government in 2006:
"There was a day when social conservatives were united with economic conservatives in the belief that small, limited government was not only good for our economy and the prosperity of American families, but essential to protect traditional family values. We all fought for a limited federal government -- a government that had the decency to respect the American people by staying out of their lives. Small government meant that all Christians could practice their faith as they saw fit. Big government violates those rights by meddling in our lives, misusing our hard-earned money, and dictating cultural norms to us. We were and are rightly outraged when government imposes wrong-headed values through its monopoly of schools, government-funded "art," and taxpayer funded "family planning."
Listen Dick Armey speak on The Ideas and Impact of F. A. Hayek:
"Hayek’s Austrian roots and his relationship to such thinkers as Mill, Marx, Keynes, and Popper. Bruce Caldwell, editor of The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek traces the complex evolution of Hayek’s thought—and the evolution of Austrian economics—and places Hayek in a broader intellectual context. His book has been called “the best book in economics of 2003"
Austrian contributions to mainstream economic thought include involvement in the development of marginalism Sounds like a topic uncle Ron would jump on!!!

update: A video in which Mitt Romney claims cutting military spending is identical to making America a far weaker nation.


LD Jackson said...

It's encouraging to see and hear more of our leaders, past and present, coming around to the realization of how messed up our country really is. The ideas of personal freedom and liberty and smaller government are catching on.

Vincent Harris said...

Ron Paul is much less out of the Republican mainstream then some people want us to believe.