Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Compassionate Conservatism Is Dead

Yesterday Godfather of compassionate conservatism Marvin Olasky, in his role of undertaker, declared compassionate conservatism mostly dead. My reaction:

To put communities at the heart of the political project of the Republican party wasn’t a very succesfull idea to put it midly. In no time the Republican party and the country got confinded to a narrative of the superiority of western judeo-christian values and a Jacobinist foreign policy inspired by the french revolution. Off course we can appreciate the values and successes of America’s past, of our community and our family. But at the same time we should not limit ourselves to that. A succesfull political narrative should help citizens move beyond that. Something like what Kennedy did in his Berlin speech. Identify with the community “Ich bin ein Berliner”, but at the same time inspired and encourage them to look beyond themselves, their community, their city, the wall!!

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