Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mmusi Maimane New Democratic Alliance Spokesperson

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Anonymous said...

The impact on migrants here and abroad and let's not forget CHINA!
So many blogs on CHINA and even on the GREYHOUND RACING BLOGS!
And is it not amazing that so many have suddenly got into EXPLOSIVES!
It's got to be pretty lucrative because that's what mob does, too!
So, they aren't stupid, at all.
They know how to make it " COUNTE"!
And it gives them immediate " STATESS".
So, " Colored Opinions" aren't really very provocative because we already know the name of the game.
It's called CULLING.
And we have every single name.
Not only that, NEVADA just told on ARIZONA!
That is THE territory for ACCOC!
And they all say the number one CULLER is no other than