Thursday, December 29, 2011

ICG Brussels: Tshisekedi Should Have Provided Hard evidence

Some individual at the ICG in Brussels came up with this phrase today:
"The opposition didn't take its chance when it failed to produce hard evidence that massive fraud did indeed take place."
Dutch journalist Anneke Verbraeken, who was held in custody by Kabla's security forces while reporting on the family of one of the victims of state terror, blogs 16 reasons the results  of Congo's elections shouldn't be accepted. Meanwhile both Kabila & Tshisekedi have sent delegations to Brussels and Paris last week. The ICC seems set to accuse Joseph Kabila of a massacre that took place in 2003. The Occampo strategy for change in the region is shaping up. Joseph Rwagatare writes on the RPF propaganda website about Tshisekedi:
"Fear of a new conflagration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) triggered by the mad action of an old man with a sixties political mentality have mercifully been unfounded (for the moment, anyway). Old man Etienne Tshisekedi has illusions of grandeur, no doubt the result of wrong advice and aging."
Let me comment also on Joseph Rwagatare, Kagame's speechwriter, understanding of the birth of Jesus Christ :

"On a broader scale, the growing warmth between the leaders of Rwanda and Uganda could well spell a significant diplomatic realignment in the region. The season's goodwill certainly helps. We can only hope that the goodwill and warmth it generates will extend to the rest of Rwandan and Ugandan leaders and people, and indeed to other East Africans. Then perhaps Jesus Christ's birth will not have been in vain and that message delivered to shepherds more than two thousand years ago could still ring true today."

Noteworthy amalgam of the mocking of the King of Kings on the one hand and unchecked adoration for bloodsoaked revolutionaries on the other.

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Jacqueline Maquet said...

C'est l'évidence même.

Pourquoi croyez-vous que la CENI n'attend pas lexperts internationaux pour les législatives ?

Triste pays démocratique !
je me demande bien pourqoui je veux y retourner !