Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Congo11 Sese Seko Kinshasa, Brussels, London, Paris, Washington DC, Glasgow

Statement by Carter Center and the report here:
"These results aren't even naturally occurring. It's a fundamental mark of disrespect for Congolese voters"
The wordpress photo of #congo11 on yahoo gives a good picture of (manufactured) "reality on the ground"

Congolese "New Times" version of this fluid reality on Digital Congo. In the meantime state terror rules in Kinshasa:
"Human Rights Watch senior researcher Anneke Van Woudenberg says she is receiving calls from residents in neighborhoods throughout the city reporting abductions by security forces."
@frodef remarked an important mistake in a tweet by DRC's Embassy:
@EU_Commission should correct the caims made by @RDCongoBenelux about EU satisfied with #DRC2011 election results

@RDCongoBenelux can contribute to violence in #BXL and against Europeans in DRC by claiming the EU is satisfied with the #DRC2011 results
Linda Mbungu of NVA can start proselytizing in Brussels, the credibility of the ruling Belgian elite concerning Congo is very low, and valuable discussion with @negmatic on strategic political participation of Congolese in Belgium. I'm convinced that if Congolese play it smart they could really hurt the status quo. Belgium is their country, and Flemmish like Congo and Congolese, it's part of their (family) history. Many catholic priests to Congo came from Vlaanderen in the past, their family remembers. Congolese should remember that and work out a good strategy, like Cubans in Miami. First, I think the Belgo Congolese community should not think of itself as , but as citizens.It could be a key moment for Belgo-Congolese to transition towards a different political strategy. Angry belgo-congoleses are talking about vote sanction (NVA).

Théodore Trefon, Congo expert @ Royal Museum for Central Africa in Belgium: "We know cheated" . He also said on his blog recently about the protests in Brussels:
"Taking to the streets is one way of venting this frustration - and if controlled, could be a positive way of channelling political mobilisation."
Blogposts today on #congo11 by @ethuin  (from ?) and by Monica gazolla and
Jambonews writing reports on #congo11 from Brussels and Howard French gives his view on "the nebulous entity commonly known as the “international community” in a blogpost.

Protests against rigged elections erupting in Kinshasa, Brussels, London, Paris and Washington DC. Listen to interview with one of the protesters in London. Also in Helsinki and Switzerland.


ethuin said...

Thank you for mentioning me, but I have to admit I am not in Kinshasa. Only some of my information is coming from DRC staightaway. Best, Christoph

Vincent Harris said...

thanks for your comment, will add that.