Thursday, December 8, 2011

#Congo11 Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

Tony Gambino stated in his most excellent analysis of the Congolese Presidential elections:
"The world must also avoid the temptation to paper over election irregularities and tolerate another Kabila term, even if won by hook and by crook, simply because that seems the path of least resistance. Our reading of Congo’s current politics leads us to conclude that such a strategy will not be stabilizing and could prove incendiary. While international leverage is still reinforced by the presence of 19,000 U.N. troops, and while the year 2011 remains the year of political awakenings and hope from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya to Ivory Coast to Burma and beyond, this would be a terrible moment to allow a new form of autocracy to take root in the heart of Africa."
Sharply contrasting the Belgian two-step of Colette Braeckman (who had her post-result article on Kabila ready when delay changed the game) and one-day old Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders aiming to fix the preliminary results and move on.

This exposes the tension that has been building up like a giant wave for years.  For example dutch ambassador Frans Makken will allways be remembered for his role in the election rigging in Rwanda in name of donor consensus. Will we now finally witness the breaking point among great lakes diplomats and analysts?

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