Friday, December 9, 2011

#Congo11 Because yours is the kingdom & the power & the glory

While working on my "How became 's foreign policy Waterloo" blogpost for next week, here an update on latest developments in #congo. Enjoy riding the breaking wave of international community consensus concerning the great lakes region! and have a great weekend:

 Belgian newspaper De Standaard claims today that Belgium and other nations "have no other choice then to accept the result" after (a sport among analysts and western journalists) portraying Tshisekedi as a troublemaker. Worldwide protests have prompted the predictable hostile reactions by ambassadors from France, UK and Belgium. Crisis group offers it's advice in a press release. Again protests against Kabila's election rigging in London on oxford road and Brussels near Ixelles. Father José Pundu of Kinshasa says it as it is: "Botched elections with a deliberate intention to cheat in an atmosphere of organized violence." David Barouski @DBarou reports on twitter from Kinshasa on more riot police deployment and erection of military checkpoints. Catholic Church makes a statement that contradicts CENI. Azzad Essa writes on twitter "Catholic Church denounces results; says electoral commission must publish results from individual polling station.". Arnaud Zajtman writes in lalibre that the people of Congo know that Kabila has not won. CENI announces: presidential election results delayed for tomorrow. Kambale Musavuli reports that opposition television stations have been cut off ahead of publication of election results. UDPS Secretary General Shabani demands a "responsable attitude on the part of the international community as it has demonstrated in Russia recently" reports Nicolas Germain of France24. The "mot d'ordre" of Tshisekedi: "défendez la victoire, chacun a sa manière, mais en non-violence" reported by @hersweetanger. "Very scary," is how Ben Kalala, a candidate in the legislative elections and the president of the Congolese Community of the United States of America, described clashes between supporters of incumbent president Joseph Kabila's main challenger Etienne Tshisekedi at about midday on Thursday in Limete. @NicolasF24 "Shabani says 3 UDPS supporters killed today in Limete; head of police General Bisengimana tells me "it's false, no one was killed" . This morning De Morgen reports that 2 of those killed were crushed by a vehicle, one was shot. @FreeFairDRC "We're receiving credible reports of police firing on supporters outside Tshisekedi's home. 3 reported dead, several wounded.". An interesting discussion on twitter between @peterdoerrie @ethuiin and @hersweetanger that led to the blogpost by Peter Dörrie "Von der Gefahr der objektiven Beobachtung" . Let's also not forget Ocampo at ICC's warning to Congo 'We are watching you.Violence no longer a ticket to power it's a ticket to The Hague'. Voice your views on ending gender violence in eastern Congo. Last but not least the article december 6th by Pole Institute's Johnson with the quote "German government has "no doubt about credibility of election process". Dutch journalist Anneke Verbraeken @Anneketanneke reports on friday morning "Kinshasa awakes while it's raining cats and dogs Will CENI publish today? ?". In London BBCAfrica on friday morning: British police say activists from the Democratic Republic of have immobilised an underground train at a station in


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