Monday, December 19, 2011

Communist Soviet Lekganyane & Cassel Mathale (Malema posse) "win" in Limpopo

Cassel Mathale and Soviet Lekganyane (Malema posse) won in Limpopo against  Joe Phaahla n Joe Maswanganyi (Cosatus proxy). A supposed hard hit for Zuma.

Soviet Lekganyane, a communist former SACP secretary general in Limpopo claims South Africa should be driving a nationalisation programme and in the meantime supports Julius Malema:
"Lekganyane accused the SACP national office of targeting Limpopo "because of its harmonious relationship with the ANC and the ANCYL, particularly its president Julius Malema".
 This weekend local journalist Chester Makana was assaulted in Limpopo taking pictures of ANC activists printing extra ballots to rig the ANC Limpopo board vote. But offcourse the winner Mathale claimed the election was "credible".

The South African (ANC) Government has today congratulated Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) President-elect, Mr Joseph Kabila Kabange, on his "election" . As explained by Tony Gambino these elections were all but free and fair:
"Just ten days ago we wrote expressing our deep worry about the November 28 national elections in the Congo. Since then, the actions of the two Congolese organizations responsible for certifying the elections – first the National Electoral Commission and then the Supreme Court – have displayed their utter lack of neutrality and impartiality, deepening the Congo crisis."
Massive fraud by Joseph Kabila across the DRC, as an example:
The minutes drawn up by members of polling station "Jean Calvin College" in Lubumbashi (Code / BV: 12001 / C) there is a monumental fraud deliberately orchestrated by the CENI to support the candidate Joseph Kabila at the expense of Etienne Tshisekedi who's results have been seriously downgraded in several polling stations in Lubumbashi.
Indeed, according to CENI Joseph Kabila won this polling station on 494 369 votes cast against 74 attributed to Etienne Tshisekedi, but the minutes signed by the real members of this center credit Kabila with just 169 votes. 
About the same center, the CENI claims that Etienne Tshisekedi received 74 votes, but the authentic minutes prepared by local poll station officials states 274 votes, he "magically" lost 200 votes."
RW Johnson, who wrote the book "South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country Since the End of Apartheidwrote an article yesterday on the role of communist ideology inside South Africa's ANC.

Revolutionary movements inspired by communism have played an important role in Sub-Saharan Africa, as Museveni reminded us recently. Is it just folklore or does communism influence South Africa's foreign policy decisions and South Africa's relations with all these undemocratic regimes across the continent?

It's clear that racist hate against caucasians and hate against the West are still a political currency exploited in South Africa's politics by the likes of Julius Malema. ANC activists online frame their support for Kabila in those same terms. These same anti-western arguments are made by Belgian communists and Chinese trained Congolese to justify their support for election rigging in Congo.

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