Friday, December 16, 2011

Ambassador Rice's crocodile tears on lack of democracy in Africa

Directly after her visit to Libya, and just before the Congolese elections, US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, arrived in Kigali november 26th. Her visit aimed to reconcile and defend Barack Obama's Africa policy. Thanking Paul Kagame for his support in ousting Libya's Gadaffi , praising Rwanda for it's successes in reaching MDG goals, reconciling Africom's role and Obama's Ghana speech on democracy. An effort that reminds me of my mathematics teacher telling us about parallel lines that meet at infinity. For those who are familiar with US policies concerning the great lakes it was like watching water burn.

Ambassador Rice in a speech claimed to stand up for democracy saying "Social progress has been substantial. Yet, the political culture in Rwanda remains comparatively closed". With how many grains of salt should we take this speech when we put it in the context of US diplomatic support in the rigging process leading up to the Rwandan election. Jared Cohen, member of  the State Deparment's policy planning staff, months before the Rwandan Presidential election in 2010, started a #rememberrwanda campaign aiming to praise Kagame and discredit Rwanda's opposition and diaspora, just weeks before meeting "his hero" in New York. The propaganda campaign against Rwanda's opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, who lived and worked for sixteen years in the Netherlands, was fine-tuned with Dutch Ambassador Frans Makken, who headed the slander campaign against the Rwandan diaspora while claiming legitimacy for the election rigging process in Kigali. 

However, this coordinated effort to help rig the election in Rwanda and the campaign against critics abroad by both the State Department and donor spokesperson Frans Makken did not stop there. Dutch citizen and Rwandan immigrant Yvonne Basebeya, still in custody in the Netherlands, was used by Dutch diplomacy, in their effort to brand the hutu diaspora collectively as suspect. The campaign against Lazare Kobagaya by the State Deparment's warcrimes chief Stephen Rapp served the same purpose. Persecuting an innocent man for propaganda reasons to back a war criminal who assassinates political opponents and critical journalists as part of a calculated strategy to instill fear into the Rwandan people both at home and abroad. Lazare Kobagya never was convicted, but the slander campaign against him (and Paul Rusesabagina) didn't miss it's goal before, during and after Rwanda's Presidential elections.

At the end of the 19th century Abraham Kuyper, Dutch Prime-Minister and Reformed Pastor, said in his famous speech on democratic development "Maranatha"(the Lord comes): "It's the goal that defines our road". A visit by Ambassador Jonnie Carson to Kigali in october was used by Paul Kagame's regime to equate Burundi's FNL to a  terrorist organisation.  Ambassador Rice's recent visit, just ahead of Congolese elections, served what purpose?

US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Ambassador Jonnie Carson's words at yesterday's hearing gave us a good impression. Jonnie Carson aims to hide behind Congo's supreme court and pretend Joseph Kabila won the november 28th elections. When reading Carson's words Susan Rice's speech in Kigali popped up in my mind and I suddenly heard that "funny-- smacking sound."

As in Rwanda's presidential elections, US diplomats pretend supporting democratic development in Congo while in reality aiming to keep Joseph Kabila in power for the sake of supposed regional stability. Activists online and Great Lakes diaspora worldwide were allowed to blow of some steam, but let's not get too serious.

Etienne Tshisekedi actually made sense when he said on election day that Roger Meece should leave the Congo.  Two days before eighteen protestors were shot by Kabila's Presidential Guard which left American, European, African and Asian diplomats completely indifferent. Tshisekedi's remarks before, during and after the election were consistently met with arrogant ridicule. Instead of condemning state terror by Kabila's thugs US Ambassador Rice added insult to injury on election day by showing lack of basic respect to Congo's longtime opposition leader!

Ambassador Rice's speech in Kigali was meant to create a smokescreen of supposed sincere support for democratic development in the great lakes region, while countries like South Africa will take the lead in legitimizing state terror against citizens, extrajudicial executions by Kabila's forces, the crack down on free press and last but certainly not least the rubber-stamping of a rigged process and false results.

Joseph Kabila on friday got the support of regional election riggers from Africa's Great Lakes region headed by revolutionary Yoweri Museveni, a guy who has lots of blood on his hands in Congo and who "liberated" Uganda some thirty years ago:

"It is not up to those observers... to run countries," Museveni told reporters. "In Congo there is a system to appeal if you are not happy... if people are not happy they should go in that system and sort it out."
With liberators like that Africa doesn't need western imperialism.

TSHISEKEDI visiting professor Wola Bale. What a video!!!

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