Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paul Kagame Rebranding himself As Great Lakes Darth Vader

 The element of surprise in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker discovered that Darth Vader was in fact his father was at the heart of the success of this movie. Same holds true for any succesfull political or marketing campaign. Paul Kagame could surprise his global audience and poke fun at his critics. According to this source Paul allready has the Darth Vader Outfit.

The great lakes blogosphere has made great strides over the last couple of years. Rwandans, Congolese and Burundians love blogging. November 2010 I spoke of a surge. Increasingly Congolese, Burundians and Rwandans are engaging a global audience through their own media. Blogging has it's own gratifications, and building an online community from scratch could possibly defeat an evil empire, it's clear this also creates a new context in which donors, European, American & African politicians and PR people operate. This new context requires new strategies.

Wouldn't it make a great viral video to see Ivan Kagame dressed up as Luke Skywalker discovering that in fact Paul Kagame was Great Lakes Darth Vader? Maybe Paul Kagame should call his public relations team together, both at home and abroad, to discuss this viral marketing idea.

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