Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can Ron Paul Escape The Droste Effect?

Ever since Jon Stewart wrote about Ron Paul being the Thirteenth floor in a hotel, the Ron Paul campaign has been unable to escape from the Droste effect coverage that focuses completely on his campaign not being covered by mainstream media. Can the Ron Paul campaign still move beyond this narrative or has this campaign become the skylab that will inevitably but surely move ever closer to the center of gravity of this Droste effect coverage?

A blogpost by one of Ron Paul's advisors, Doug Wead, on the upcoming Iowa caucuses got me brainstorming on the story that fuels the 2012 campaign. In order to be succesfull a campaign, a movie or a marketing add has to fit right into the story or mood that dominates our current time.

What could be working in the current context? Off course an add like "It's morning again in America" by the Ronald Reagan campaign, would not work today. The mood across the world is deeply negative. And across America people are talking about decline and asking questions about the future.

The Chrysler campaign ad that could spark some creativity among campaigners. The mood is exactedly the context in which Ron Paul's campaign is operating.

The Deer Hunter trailer that get's it's strength by starting in the hardship that face real people.

The ad by Herman Cain's campaign manager Mark Block seemed to get at least the mood right (but not escaping from it). Other campaigns should look at this ad carefully.

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