Saturday, November 12, 2011

Africom, Droste Effect, Peter Pan, EU disintegration?

Art nouveau in fin de siecle France

Twelve most effective ways to stay connected to customers and prospects

Peter Pahm and Africom , on the Balkanisation of Congo ,  director at Ansari Africa center since march 2011

Relationship between Africom and South Africa

Ulrike Guerot on EU disintegration

Holocaust survivor's dramatic plea to Zuma in South Africa on  Israeli member of parliament

Ugandan proverb:
Someone help me tell Museveni that it doesn’t matter how far you urinate. The final drop is always at your feet.

Counter insurgency read @abumuqawama

RT : FBI friend deploying to Afghanistan is looking for a reading list. Starting w/ 's more?

deporting under Obama by @africaisacountry

Unprecedented increase in of undocumented leaves 5,100 children in U.S. homes

Reformed theology, read Herman Bavinck here

Droste effect: 50 great examples

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