Monday, October 24, 2011

Will Roelof Haveman Decide Victoire Ingabire's Fate

The Dutch representative at the ECHR, dated July 27th 2010 wrote:
" Rwanda has over the years made substantial and fundamental progress in furthering the rule of law"
This statement surfaced last month and RNW published  the reaction of  Larissa van den Herik, professor of Public International Law at Leiden University, who presumes that The Hague believes it will be useful if the ECHR has already cleared all legal obstacles, ready for when the Netherlands reaches a bilateral extradition treaty with Rwanda at a later date. In addition to that she believes political motives are in play.
Professor van den Herik might be on to something. Sofar it seems the decisions concerning the progress of Rwanda's legal system are based on the judgment of just one person: Roelof Haveman.

Roelof Haveman lived and worked in Rwanda since 2005, initially for the Dutch Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC), supporting the law faculties of the Université Nationale du Rwanda (UNR, Butare) and the Université Libre de Kigali (ULK, Kigali) in strengthening their academic and managerial capacity and quality.
In his slip stream several Kagame propangdists are now living and working in the Netherlands at the University of Tilburg. These RPF operatives are using their position at the University of Tilburg to spread propaganda against Paul Kagame's opponents inside the Netherlands.

These individuals organize conferences on the Rwandan genocide that aim to keep up the RPF image abroad. Etienne Ruvebana  was invited to spread his message in Groningen. Alphonse Muleefu, who was also brought to Tilburg by Haveman says about himself:
"I have made research at the UNICTR on the prosecutor’s discretion power, and I was able to establish the ICTR prosecutor’s policy. I have made an investigative research on the protection of witnesses in Rwandan Traditional Gacaca Courts and the use of community service as an alternative sentence to those pleaded and found guilt of committing 1994 Rwandan genocide. I am a UN online volunteer."
Alphonse Muleefu founded a non-profit organisation that claims to:
"promote Victims’ Rights Law, International Criminal Law, and International Humanitarian Law in the Great Lakes Region"
In reality this is a RPF lobby organisation that aims to promote the RPF regime and keeps up it's image abroad. Not convinced? Just read this statement on it's website:
"Together Against Impunity in the Great Lakes Region (TAI/GLR) – Rwanda, is planning to organize a one week long (11th – 15th July, 2011) study tour on Transitional Justice mechanisms adopted in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide."

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